Magic Jack Customer Service Chat Log

Cherry?  I seriously doubt it.

Cherry? I seriously doubt it.

Donald just submitted this Magic Jack “customer service” chat log to as a comment to my How to Uninstall Magic Jack post.  It’s so lengthy and interesting that it deserves its own post.

After reading through the chat log, I can’t say that I side 100% with Donald.  I understand his points, but he is clearly expecting too much from a chat conversation.  It’s not like she had the authority to say, “You know what?  You’re right, I’ll just go ahead and re-write company policy and implement it right now.  I’ll call our ad agency and have them remove our commercial from the air immediately.  Thank you for calling my attention to this sir, you are the first I’ve heard this from.”

Expecting a customer service agent on a chat line to respond satisfactorily to Donald’s level of complaint is remarkably far fetched.  That being said, he does have valid complaints about the company, so I’ll go ahead and post the log.

—– begin —–

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Eric’

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK419081815422X

Eric: Hello, how may I help you?

Donald: I was wanting to find out why the magic jack is adertised on tv at multiple, different stores for 19.95, but when i went to buy one, it was 39.98?

Eric: The $19.95 is the renewal of license every year.

Eric: You need to purchase first the magicjack for $39.95.

Eric: That includes the first year of service.

Eric: After the first year, you will renew the license each year for $19.95

Donald: i understand that, but it is adertised for purchase on tv for 19.95. the commercial says nothing about a price of 39.95. Isn’t this EXTREMELY misleading to the public?

Eric: The advertisement has another price for it. But when you purchase magicjack from our site, it’s $39.95

Eric: They must be the retailer.

Donald: I just went to walmart and radioshack, and they both are selling it for the 39.95 price, why is this price not mentioned in your commercial’s?

Eric: Can I have the website of the commercial you mentioned?

Donald: It is a tv commercial

Donald: the only one you are running on tv

Eric: One moment please…

Eric: It’s stated there that $19.95 / year.

Eric: That means $19.95 every year but you need to purchase first the magicjack for $39.95

Eric: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with ‘Cherry’

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK419081815422X

Cherry: Hello,    Donald        . My name is Cherry. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat. Thank you.

Cherry: Please be informed that the $19.95 that is advertised is for the yearly charge of magicjack Eric and not the device.

Donald: my name is not eric, it is Donald. And the tv commercial is meisleading and what I and according to many on the web, false advertising.

Cherry: Sorry for that Donald.

Cherry: Which of it do you mean is falsely advertised?

Donald: Nothing on the commercial says anything about a 39.95 fee for the product and first year of service. it just says get the magic jack with the first years service for 19.95. Have you seen the tv commercials I am speaking of?\

Cherry: Yes, that is not what it meant Donald, the $19.95 is for the yearly fee.

Donald: Do you see how that is very misleading?

Cherry: I don’t think so Donald, because as what I have understand it shows that the $19.95 is for the service and not for the device.

Donald: It says nothing about the price of the device being additional. All it says is 29.95 for the magic jack

Donald: err 19.95

Cherry: I apologize for that but that is really not our price for the device Donald.

Donald: I now understand that, but your commercial is obviously being deceitful for a reason.

Donald: it is called bait and switch

Cherry: I understand how you feel about this Donald.

Donald: o is that it then?

Donald: so is tha it then?

Cherry: Yes Donald, you can return your magcijack for a refund just so long you’re still under the 30 day trial.

Donald: when does the thrirty days start? when I activate the jack, or from date of ordering? How long does it take to rec’v if ordered from your website?

Cherry: From the order date.

Donald: So how long does shipping take?

Donald: So agin, it is not truly a 30 day trial period.

Cherry: Delivery usually takes 5-10 business days from when it was shipped for Standard Shipping, and 3-5 businesses days for Priority mail.

Donald: so it is actually a 20-25 day trial period

Donald: Again, misleading

Cherry: That is how it works.

Donald: Your company obviously practices devious business practices. How long before you start jacking up the yearly fee?

Donald: How long is the 19.95/year price guaranteed for?

Cherry: The Gold plan can only be refunded if you wish to return a device un der the 30 day trial.

Donald: If I told one of my customers what your last statement to me was, I would be borderline of being fired.

Cherry: That is the policy Donald.

Donald: What about the 19.95 / year fee. How long is that yearly fee guaranteed for?

Cherry: Once it gets activated we can’t refund it back anymore, it’s only refundable if you return a device as well. If not then it can’t be refunded.

Donald: Let me try to make this a simple as possible for you. I buy the product. How do I know that the second year you won’t up the annually service fee to 59.95? What kind of guarantee’s do you have of future yearly service pricing of 19.95.

Cherry: You will be sent out an email as soon  as you’re license is about to expire.

Donald: Again, what is your guarantee that you wont jack the price up the second or third year for the service from 19.95 / year to hypothetically 59.95 / year. Please stop dancing around the direct wuestion i am sking you?

Cherry: No we won’t Donald, our system does not lie.

Donald: Soi you can guarantee me the yearly service charge will never go above 19.95 / year?

Cherry: Yes

Donald: Will a copy of this chat be emailed to me?

Cherry: No, you can copy and paste it on your notes Donald.

Cherry: Please do not worry as I have recorded our chat making it very easy for the next tech to understand your concern if you may comeback again.

Donald: But then your company could say i doctored the chat. I would prefer you email me a copy of this chat from your company to me at [removed]

Cherry: We can’t email you a copy of the chat Donald, our email system is not available.

Donald: You are the first company i have ever had online chat with that did not VOLUNTARILY or Automatically send a copy of the chat session automatically. Obviously this is for a reason

Donald: If you can chat with me, email has to be available to you.

Cherry: No Donald, its just that our email system is not operating as of the moment.

Donald: Can i be transferred to an upper manager along with a transcript of this chat please?

Cherry: I can’t transfer you to anyone else here Donald.

Donald: Why

Cherry: I am not allowed to do that.

Donald: I was transferred to you

Cherry: Yes, they are allowed but not me,

Donald: I am sorry Cherry, but I just don’t believe that you have the authority to make the guarantee you just made to me, that is why i want someone from upper management

Cherry: I can’t transfer you to anyone else here Donald.

Donald: Noi disrespect, but i don’t believe you. What is your title and employee id or some way of identifying you other than by just “Cherry”

Cherry: I am Cherry Thompson.

Donald: How do I reach management? is there ena email address or a phone number I can call?

Cherry: No Donald, everything needs to be done here on this chat.

Donald: What kind of company has untouchable management?

Cherry: That is our policy.

Donald: OK. You leave me no other choice than to post this chat conversation on the internet for anyone that wants to look can see. Thank you for your mediocre assistance and i will continue to reach you management. Every company has a phone number.

Cherry: You are welcome.

Cherry: It was indeed a pleasure assisting you today.

Cherry: I hope I have somehow helped you with your concerns today.

Cherry: Have a good one and be safe always.

—– end —–

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