Tracfone promo code – get 150 minutes on a 60 minute card

Okay, I’ve found another great Tracfone promo code.  This is the best and latest code for 60-minute cards.  I prefer to buy 60-minute cards because you can get great free minutes with promo codes.  I don’t use a lot of minutes, so normally the service end date is my limiting factor.  If this is the case with you, then you always want to buy 60-minute cards because all card denominations come with 90-days of service.

Here is the latest promo code: 79570

Pay $20 for a 60-minute card and receive 150 minutes and 90 days of service!  Have fun!

Go to for the latest TracFone Promo Codes.

101 comments to Tracfone promo code – get 150 minutes on a 60 minute card

  • bribby

    I used 79570 of 12/13 and only got 30 bonus minutes. Hoped I’d get more, but didn’t find a better code. Wish I could have known for sure how many minutes i’d be getting.

    • Ryan

      i have a promo codes all motorola track phones that works on all the airtime cards the code is 55679. the track phones that automatically doubles the minutes u add a 60min it automatically doubles it to 120 use the codes and get 130.00 mins

  • cribby

    thanks bribby, I was going to use the same code, but your comment saved me. I used 14938 on a 60 minute card and received 60 minutes free, and with DMFL, I received a total of 180 minutes. I guess if you do not have DMFL, then you will only get a max of 30 minutes bonus.

  • Sabrina

    What is the DMFL

    • Hi Sabrina,

      DMFL stands for Double Minutes For Life. Some Tracfone phones come with this plan feature that doubles any normal minutes added to the phone. So a 60-minute card for $20 becomes a 120-minute card for $20. You can also purchase DMFL as an add-on to your phone.

  • Trish

    Hi, thank you for the promo code. I just used 14938 on a 60 min card, I chose the option to add another 30 mins for $5 and received a total of 240 mins for $24.99.

  • Sarah(:

    HEY ii justed used a 60 min card and used the promo code 14938 and just 100 bonus mins!!!!!! wow i’m happy :D
    12/20/09 , 6:30 pm..ii have the w175g model phone and ii don’t have DMFL.

  • Dave Landon

    I used 79570 and it worked just fine.

  • Margaret

    I used 79570 with DMFL on 60 min for $20 and 60 more for $10 and received 170 bonus minutes for a total of 290. I paid for 120 at $30, got extra 120 DMFL and evidently 50 free from 79570.

  • Deb

    I used code 14938. I purchased 60 minutes for $19.99, paid for an extra 30 minutes for $5.00. I have DMFL which got me 90 minutes PLUS and extra 60 minutes from the code for which cost $24.99 for 240 minutes!

  • Michael

    Love the site, and love to see the possible bonus minutes, but want to know what is the CPM (cost per minute)when using promo codes with card purchases. I currently am using a 50 min/month Value plan for 10.80 per month (including tax) with a DMFL phone for 100 min = 10.8¢ per minute. Can I find cheaper minutes here? Can any of the promo codes be used with the monthly Value Plans to reduce the CPM? Help!!!

  • melissamae

    I just used code 14938 on a 60 min card it gave me 60 free min. Thanks and I do not have DMFL.

  • Lori

    Just used this promocode and recieved 150 min. with a 60 min card. Thank You!!!!

  • matador

    works like a charm!

  • Karan Ilowite

    I just used code 79570 on a 60 minute Tracphone card and got an additional 150 minutes! Many thanks to you!

  • YouandMe

    Just used promo code 79570 with a 60 minute card and
    received 90 bonus minutes / total 150 minutes. Great!

  • Michael

    Oops, made the mistake of only reading the bottom comment. Used code 79570 with a 60 min card to get bonus 30 min plus my given 60 min Double Min For Life = 150 min, but I SHOULD have used the code 14938 (would have given me 30 MORE minutes). Also, buying the extra 30 min ‘supersize’ at checkout for $5 more sounds like a good value, especially after DMFL. In other words, I wish I’d read the comment of Deb, above, before purchasing.

    to repeat and summarize:
    Code 79570 on a 60 min card with DMFL yielded 150 min for 19.99.
    Should have used Code 14938 with DMFL and $5 ‘supersize’ checkout to yield 240 min for 24.99.

  • T-DOG


  • T-DOG


  • Tracy

    BONUS 200 MINS ON 60 MINUTE CARD($19.99) I just used promo code 93453 today March 4, 2010 on my daughters DMFL tracfone and she got 120 minutes plus 200 bonus minutes for a grand total of 320 minutes for $20.00 – This is by far the best promo code I’ve ever found, the most I’ve seen on a 60 min card is bonus 60 mins. I’m sure this code won’t last long <3 ENJOY :)

  • Dawn

    code 93453 does NOT work….just tried it….no good

  • Dee

    Try latest code for double minutes May 13 2010 code 47238
    Have a good one!

  • Cindy

    Just used 47238 and received 30 free minutes with my double minutes phone :)

  • Does the promo code 79570 work i get DMFL and i was going to buy a 60 min card. Is IT GOING TO WORK OR AM I WAISTING MY TIME. ( I HAVE A TRACFONE SAMSUNG T301G SLIDER THNX.

  • Fritz

    Used the 47238 code yesterday – July 2, 2010 – still works! I have the Moto w/camera.

    Anyone know about deals/promo codes on the DMFL card?

  • Cindy

    Used the 47238 on July 15 – got 30 extra days added and 30 extra minutes.

  • Cindy

    Used the 47238 on 8/23 with a double minutes phone – got 110 bonus minutes and 50 bonus days! Good luck! :)

  • max

    79750 doesn’t work, i received no extra minutes!

  • sue

    used 79570 code on my LG tracfone and received 150 minutes on a 60 minute card, and a 90 day service. wahoo!


    I tried 79570 and got nothing!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Steve

      The code you used was posted back in 2009! I wouldn’t expect a 3 year old code to work! Check for current codes.

  • I used a code that did not work on a 60 min card.i talked to them used up 30 min doing that.Frusterated.They work sometimes,but when they dont its a hassel.Why dont they just do whats right put on codes that work for the customers?/How hard is that?

  • altaf

    I use 72685 for 60 minuets air-time.
    It work you could try this.

  • altaf

    I use 72685 for 60 minets pomo code. You could try this it work. You can get extra 20 min. By using this code.

  • Muneca

    Holy crap I was iffy bout it but DAAAAANNGG it freakin worked!!! I used the promo code 79570 on my LG phone I had purchased a 60 minute $20.00 card put the promo card in and received 160 extra bonus minutes woot woot made my day Thanks!!!

  • Muneca

    Holy crap I was iffy bout it but DAAAAANNGG it freakin worked!!! I used the promo code 79570 on my LG phone I had purchased a 60 minute $20.00 card put the promo code in and received 160 extra bonus minutes woot woot made my day Thanks!!!

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