Thank God for Atheists. Wait! What?

I stumbled across a lot of excellent news from USA Today, and in particular, the American Religious Identification Survey 2008.

Atheists and the other unaffiliated make up 15% of the American population.  That’s 34 million of us.  And now for the really good news.  Atheists are the fastest growing “religious” group in America.  Finally we appear to be coming to our collective senses in that respect.

It’s obvious that it’s just a matter of time.  Time provides us with technology, and technology provides us with understanding.  Understanding allows us to answer questions about the universe, and lays plain the irrelevance of invisible sky pixies.  Even the dullards among us should now realize that the gods aren’t crying when it rains.

A commenter on another blog puts it another way,

People who have arrived at their point of view without rational thought will not be shaken from it by rational argument. People believe either because of childhood indoctrination or because they choose to believe. Fortunately there comes a time when the overwhelming reality of it all beats the religious dogma.

Thankfully, that time is well on it’s way.

2 comments to Thank God for Atheists. Wait! What?

  • John

    Let’s not exagerate Steve, your link, American Religious ID Survey 2008, states that “only 1.6% of Americans call themselves atheist or agnostic”. And “the number of outright atheists …(is)..1.6 million”. That is much less than 1%.
    Not being religious or being agnostic is hugely different than being atheist!

  • Semantics. In that survey, the “Nones” is what I’m referring to. I may have incorrectly labeled them as “atheist”, but the spirit is the same. The term “atheist” isn’t anything particularly sinister or even specific. It simply means “without a belief in deities”. Unfortunately, it is a difficult word to use because it means different things to different groups. (

    The term I should have used in my post is “non-believer” as used by President Obama during his inaugural speech: “We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers.”

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