How to uninstall Magic Jack from your PC

Even though the Magic Jack Terms of Service refers to an uninstall option within Add/Remove programs, you will find that it does not exist. Stuff like this frustrates me to no end and makes me instantly and irrevocably suspicious. Programs and devices that do not provide a user-friendly method for removal project an attitude of laziness, disrespect, and fly-by-night onto the company that provides them.

Here is what to do if you want to remove MagicJack from your computer forever. I assume you are running Windows XP.

1) Unplug the Magic Jack device from your computer. This should remove the virtual devices that MagicJack installs:

  1. Disk Drive: YMax MagicJack USB Device
  2. CD Drive: YMax MagicJack USB Device
  3. USB: TigerJet USB Composite Device
  4. USB: Generic USB Hub
  5. USB: USB Mass Storage Device

Don’t ever plug it back in again.

2) Delete the “mjusbsp” directory from the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\[YourUserProfileName]\Application Data

3) Delete any MagicJack directories from the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\[YourUserProfileName]\Local Settings\Application Data

4) Delete any desktop icons

5a) Clean up your registry using a registry cleaning tool. I highly recommend TuneUp Utilities 2008. Among many other features, it will keep your registry sparkling clean.

5b) Clean up your registry manually. Use regedit to locate the HKEY Current User > Talk4Free entries and Delete the Talk4Free Key and all Subkeys.

6) Reboot and you should be all set.

** UPDATES ** – mostly from user posting in the comments

How to uninstall from Windows Vista:

“To uninstall from vista, simply go to the search bar and look up “mjusbsp”. Right click and open explorer. Delete whole folder. Use CCleaner (free) to clean rest up. That easy. Vista isn’t perfect, but things like the search function rock.”

Here is a link to the Magic Jack Customer Service Phone Numbers

142 comments to How to uninstall Magic Jack from your PC

  • doggy

    I bought MJ last month and tried it for 3 weeks. Being a vonage customer for the past 5 years I wanted to try the latest and greatest. I started getting irritated when my calls were being choppy from the caller side and my side. I would hang up the call and use my vonage phone immediately to make sure that it wasn’t an internet bandwidth issue and to my disspointment it was the magic jack device just not performing as advertised. I know the cliche “you get what you pay for but the service” and Customer service are substandard IMHO. I just returned it to Radio Shack.

    but for all you vonage customers…I called vonage to disconnect as soon as I’ve gotten the MJ device and vonage not only gave me a free month but their retention department lowered my monthly fee from $25/m to $15/m for the unlimited service. so in the end I decided to stay with a reliable voip for only $15/m.

  • Margaret

    You can also use to uninstall everything.

    • While I applaud the raw capitalism displayed here, a fairly competent person can achieve the same effect free of charge.

      • Al

        I agree with “swood.” First of all, I’m not going to pay a cent for an uninstall utility that should have been provided by the vendor in the first place. Second, in the time it takes to install a software application, half the manual uninstall work can be done.

        I am disappointed that MJ uses Cydoor, a known data mining application, not to mention blatant adware, to post ads on the MagicJack display the whole time it’s running.

        A new development that has turned me almost completely against the company and has raised my suspicions about the credibility of the company that makes MJ is that suddenly, every time I reboot my computer, MJ pops up a window that says that I have to go through the registration process all over again, even though, in red letters, it states that my MJ is registered. Below that is displayed my number, then a form field to enter my e-mail address and another form field below that to enter the password I used when I originally registered.

        Having to log in is a recent development, and I resent having to log in every time I make a call or have to restart MJ. It already crashes whenever I open a browser or look at it the wrong way, in spite of a software update.

        I’m just about fed up with the thing. It definitely was released before it was ready for market.

        I have a wireless connection, so I thought the choppy calls were due to the way the wireless adapter received and processed data. However, it seems that choppiness, dropped words and phrases, etc., are common problems even for people who are hardwired to the router and modem.

        In short, MJ seems to be a piece of junk–the electronic equivalent of two cans and a waxed string.

  • I got one of these a few months back. At first it worked pretty good and did so for about as long as the money back guarantee was good for. Since then, half the time I can’t hear the person I’m calling so I hardly use it any more. IMHO they seem to have over sold their bandwidth which turns it into a $40 POS! Buyer beware, all that glitters is not gold!

  • john holmes

    My magic jack disabled my speaker,highjacked many options I had installed and did not do what it advertised free, which for me was free international calling.It deceptively states frree intl calling but that is only if the other party also has magic jack.Otherwise you end up having to add money via credit card just like skype.It also slowed my system to no avail and is a pain to uninstall.Now that I have reenabled my speakers magic jack is not working and it gives the Max Headroom effect when talking to people.All in all if there is someone you dont like just stick magic jack in their USB port and theyll have all kinds of problems.Also,the day after starting my “service”I started receiving millions of solicitation calls early AM from obviouse Intl companies at like 6 aM Saturdays.Magic jack are crooks

  • mymouseworks

    Steps I used to un-install the magic jack and get
    my mouse and other devices working.

  • Gm

    MagicJack has an uninstall program that you can download from their site. It worked for me.

  • Ken

    I belong to a group that gave them an acid test recently (11/09). We used one coupled to a Sprint Aircard and MJ conference call to a laptop for a diagonal convoy operation across the state of VA. 1 per car, maybe a dozen cars. All vehicles were so equipped (the drivers were not the one on the radio/MJ). As cell coverage came and went, so did the voice quality. All in all, if conditions are perfect, it really can work. A heck of a lot depends on how it is connected to the Internet and what kind of bandwidth you have. Also good is have nothing else going on in your PC during the call.

  • matt

    i have had my 20 magicjack’s for over a year for tely marketing and never had anny problems with it but i did find out that if i plug a new one in to a computer that had a magicjack in it that was moved to another computer that it gets that magigjack info so i have to download the uninstall program from’s faq page then uninstall then plug in a new magicjack

  • Jereme

    I got my majicjack about 2 years ago, before they started offering them in stores. I had no problems with it until they did the first software update. I then spent hours in chat jumping through all the hoops to try and get the thing working. I stuck with the poor quality and the irritation for those 2 years because of the price of the service. Then, when I got my new computer last week, the majicjack started going nuts. Once again I was in chat for hours. Today I had a EUREKA moment. I can sign up for a competent VOIP service for about $15/ month. Not having to leave my power hungry computer running 24/7 will probably save me that much or more on my electric bill. So GOODBYE TO MAJICJACK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Beckner

    I am having trouble getting my magicjack setup and operating. I don’t see any phone numbers to call for assistance. Can someone walk me thru the procedure on line and give me a new telephone number for my magicjack phone? Thanks. J. Beckner

    • Mark

      Joyce, if you go to their website, you will find support link, and you can chat live with them. i had to do this, and after working with two agents, found out the drivers weren’t installed. installed, and worked fine. i too am on dsl, and get choppy service every once in a while, and i believe this is due to the dsl. i’m only recieving 1.5 of the 3.0 service i paid for. (verizon said the agreement is for “up to” 3.0, so can be anything inbetween). but, the mj agents were very helpfull, and got me up and running.

  • Ken

    For all the problems of MJ I read on here I have had mine over a year now and so far so good. Yea, I do get choppy calls once in awhile but that is due to the dsl line or if someone is one the internet while on the phone. For the most part I have no complaints of dropped calls or ads popping up whenever I re-boot the computer or make a call. I think the key is getting a good cordless phone as well makes all the difference. I had a so-so cordless phone at first and no one could hardly hear me. I also had the receiver next to the computer. I got a better phone, moved the phone about 3 feet or so awya from the computer and now things are fine.

  • Diamondback662

    I’ve been using the Magic Jack for a year now. I have it hooked to an old IBM laptop that frankly is too slow for use for anything else. I put a fresh install of Windows XP, AVG Antivirus, and Spybot on it. It is not used to surf or anything else. Magic Jack has run fine on it for a year and the only issues I ever have with the machine is I forget to reboot it and Windows occasionally locks up once every so many weeks. I have cable internet. For an initial cost of about $39, I’ve had a perfectly functional phone for a year. Previously I was paying almost $50 a month for Vonage and the quality was the same. Just to get local phone service from the local telcom would be almost $30 a month without Long distance. At the very least I’ve saved $360 using the magic Jack. Compared to the $600+ I spent last year with Vonage, the magic jack is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I bought a nice new Plasma TV with the savings.

    • Trekster

      I agree what your saying…is definitely worth it!!…especially people on a low budget and even if your not …also i recommend not using magic jack with your main PC or laptop…either get an old one…or a thin client..sold on ebay….i used my old laptop and works fine…i get occasional choppiness but not always…will try a few of the suggestions that some have written here…thanks….

  • Cyn Mobley

    Thanks for these uninstall instructions. It was slowing down my computer a lot!

  • TOM

    i ordered MJ and after 4 hours of trying to make it work gave up. no good!

  • M. Jones

    My life is so much simpler and my computer SOOO much faster WITHOUT magic jack on it!!!!!

    The hell with magic jack!

  • MagicJack Product, Support and Service Sucks

    MagicJack is just another money–grabbing company that promotes a “30 day money back guarantee ” product that is designed to accomplish a single goal. That goal is to get your credit card number.

    The MagicJack I purchased did not function. I also purchased for $69.95 the extra 5 year plan. But all my clients said the sound quality was horrible!

    The web site is a joke. There is a bunch of instant fix downloads (that don’t work). There is however, a great deal of hype about the amazing thirty-day no-risk guaranty. What is MAGICALLY missing is any way to contact this company to arrange to return the product and cancel the scheduled payment at the end of the thirty-day trial period.

    There is a live-chat customer support line. I wasted 90 minutes of my life there, with no solution at all. This is exactly what you can expect from a predatory rip-off company such as this.

    My unit never worked properly. I intend to dispute this charge with my credit card company.

    MagicJack support phone numbers:
    Main Office: 561-594-2140 – you can apparently only leave a message
    Billing Inquiries: 281-404-1551 – open from 11am to 8pm EST

  • Donnie T

    I tried to use magic jack for 3 weeks and it disabled my speakers, disabled my drivers, and numerous other problems such as not working well with 3rd party software. I spent numerous hours on the phone with the MJ techs who only made the problem worse, Dell IT, and also a contract IT tech. Remove Magic jack and never ever use it again.

  • DJ

    Anyone know how to get your speakers to work again after installing MJ mine just stopped working any help would be great.

  • Jack Daniels

    If you are willing to sink about $75 you can put your MJ on a thin client and it works perfectly and you don’t have to be seeing the advertisements. Once you setup the thin client like the T5720 you just push this minicomputer to the corner and leave it on all the time. Low power consumption since it works all by flash drives and no hard drive, no fans…quiet like a solar calculator. There are many support forums so if you look around you will find it. Also have a decent internet connection helps. DSL works fine but probably not as good as a cable internet. I have had my MJ for over two years with the thin client setup and love it. No choppiness, call my family in Canada on the opposite coast everyday and talk for 30 minutes to an hours if you believe it….CLEAR CLEAN PHONE CALLS ALL THE TIME!! I don’t have that BS $20 for making local phone calls with AT&T. Works great guys….just a matter of setting it up correctly.

  • cody

    if i uninstalled the magic jack from my pc can i install it again on the same pc? will there be any problems?

  • Nhihira

    So we tried magic jack at my office. We are a sound design company for games, and couldn’t get normal phones in here due to our building manager being crazy.
    My boss uses it fine, but his computer doesn’t do much in the way of intensive labor.
    Mine…it freaked out on. At first was using my boss’ phone, and if I was doing anything other than calling and maybe using a browser, it sounded choppy as hell and was completely unusable. This is unacceptable as I need a phone to troubleshoot WHILE looking through massive game builds and audio software.
    Before we understood the cause, though, we got a second magic jack and phone for my computer…we plugged it in, and now every bit of audio sounds like it’s playing at 2 bit. Not like 32k or 18k….2 bits. It’s the worst sound you’ve ever heard, and now I CAN’T WORK until I fix it.
    Not looking for troubleshooting help here(I’m trying everything you could ever think of, trust me), just wanted to share my horror story and help others to steer clear of this shitty product.

  • Rick

    Been using MJ since January on a variety of computers and windows systems (7 and Xp) with VERY mixed results.

    Can’t say it is worth it, unless you don’t mind extended BS. When it works, it CAN work well. But that has been often elusive and required extended chat sessions hat would try the patience of a Saint!

    Frankly, I am exploring Skype more these days. More flexible and works with Linux distro’s, which as of yesterday, remain elusive with MJ.

    Pretty apparent, especially just by their website, they are trying to be slick for cheap. It isn’t working for everybody and it would seem while some are having moderate luck, after enough folks have tried it, it will be another gimmick of the past.

    My solution to getting rid of MagicJack is to install Ubuntu over windows and never deal with either of them again!!

    Hope this helps someone!!!

  • took your advice took it off my computer this page scared me to death so I am done with majic jack and I uninstall it with no problems.

    thanks for your commits you guys help me out.

    anything for free beware

  • can not connect to magic jack since sat. 09-04-2010.

  • Bob

    There’s also a limit on the talk time they don’t advertise. It is NOT unlimited as advertised. I believe it’s in section 6 of their TOS agreement. They state that if you go over their maximum usage limit (which is undefined) they can cut you off and keep the balance of your service contract money. They just did it to me after 8 months service. No warning or anything. When I went through the live help it was “oh, your account is being investigated”, “no, I don’t have any iformation as to why”, “no, I don’y know how long it will take”, etc…. Screw them! I just switched to Ooma.

  • ImNotaWitch

    What about removing MJ from Windows 7 Professional? Anyone out there successful? Whenever I remove any kind of MJ stuff from the registry it seems to all “come back” … and some registry keys will not allow me to delete!

    A monster!


  • Little biffington

    a few months ago, accidentally, I got the “magicjack” dongle, or connector or whatever you want to call it, to work with google voice completely bypassing magic jack service, and the magic jack software. this was on a Toshiba satellite laptop.

    I remember downloading some tigerjet driver, but that was it. I was using google voice in no time.

    I am having trouble replicating those results on this computer (an older dell optiplex GX620)

    are there any known hacks that just turn the dongle into a connector to use google voice and bypass lousy magic jack?



  • John

    Sorry Hyde, but your link only connects to MJ’s website and it says to just go to control panel, program features, then run the uninstall program. It doesn’t work on Vista.

    This MJ keeps coming back and reinstalling itself. Worse than the old AOL virus!

  • had m.j. approx. 4 yrs. ago installed/uninstalled twice with issues. finally trashed m.j. cheap but too many faults. at that time only m.j. had to be attached to usb ext. port. spent a lot of time since trying to remove m.j. from my pc registry. phoned m.j. for help in removing it entirely but to no avail. my pc is a mid range gamer (expensive) even after re-installing windows still unable to delete m.j. from registry. take heed, recommend: do not purchase magic jack.

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