Tracfone – Best way to get cheap minutes

The Tracfone pre-paid cell phone system is fantastic for those of us who are not lemmings. Those of us who stand above the teeming millions and their idiotic cell phone contracts. Those of us who actually enjoy life and don’t feel the need to call their friends to tell them that they are standing in line at an ATM.

Using Tracfone, I pay about $40 a year for cell phone service. You can too. But you already know all this. You are a fellow Tracfone user. You just want to find out how to buy the cheapest minutes possible. Well calm down my furry little friend. Here is what you do…

First, do NOT buy a Tracfone pre-paid minutes card at Wal-Mart or any other retail store. Put it down and back away from the counter. Have a little patience. Jeez. Go home, get on the frickin’ interweb and go to and do the following. Buy a new phone from Tracfone.

“But I already have a Tracfone”, says you. “No worries, my feathered friend.”, says I. Go to the “Buy a phone” section of the website and purchase the deal that offers you a Motorola C139 with 2 60-minute cards for $19.99.

See? Why would you pay $20 at Wal-Mart for a 60 minute card when you can get two for the same price? You learn quick! But avast, we are not done yet and you may lay to that!

Wait a couple of days for your shiny new phone and two 60-minute cards to arrive. Upon arrival, examine your beautiful new cellular phone for a few minutes. Now throw it in the trash. Who the frick cares about the phone? It’s the booty we be after! Two 60-minute cards be Tracfone gold!

Now activate one of the 60-minute cards and magically transform it into a 120-minute card. “What you say?” “Someone set up us the bomb”, I say. It is true my little munchkin. Little did you know that you actually received 240 minutes and a free phone with that measly little $20 purchase!

Go to and go through the process of adding air time to your existing phone. When you see the option to enter a Promo Code, enter this:


*** NOTE NEW CODE *** (Go to for the latest TracFone Promo Codes.)


This little number will transform your 60-minute card into a 140-minute card and give you 90 days of service. Now do it again with the second card. Violin! You’ve done it!

You’ve just received 240 minutes and 6 months of service for $20. Good job. Isn’t it great to sit in the tree and watch the lemmings fall off the cliff?

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  • Billservo

    Instead of throwing the free phone away or even eBaying it, you can donate it:

  • In my experience, the promo codes change often.

    When I bought my cell, one promo code was offered to me. By the time it got to me, that one was no longer being accepted. I was able to search their site and find another promo code for the same deal, though. :-)

    My tracphone expired last Friday. It slipped my mind and I didn’t renew. I wonder if I can still pop more minutes into it.

  • john

    I followed your advise. Got the 240 minutes and added 6 months to the expiration date. The extra phone can be used for parts, especially the battery and charger, but even more important you can keep it in the car to dial 911 if you should ever need to. (911 works from any cell phone, active or not).

  • Bruce

    Nice while it lasted…… No longer offered

  • burlsgurl2


  • Steve

    Um yeah, I posted this like 3 months ago. Do your own research.

  • dalton

    but wait what if we just want cheap mintes and not a pphone

  • page,lori

    i have been on the phone to your reps for the past month and
    sometimes they get the phone to work, but it seems as soon
    as they leave the line it goes back to "searching{ or no service"
    or {emergency only" = no phone for over a month to use. Have
    pur’d more minutes – what am I to do? Could it be the phone.
    It accepts the codes they keep giving me. HELP> I need an

  • Steve

    Lori, sounds like a malfunctioning phone. Luckily I have had great luck with Tracfone, though I only use the absolute lowest level phone… the Nokia 1100. The whole deal has been a huge money saver for me.

  • Steve

    Just an update. This code is still working. I redeemed a 60 minute card this morning and received 180 minutes on my phone. Awesome deal.

  • Dan

    Since this offer has expired, are there any other ways to get a good deal on minutes? I use to be able to get a 60 minute card, plus the bonus codes for $12.99 on ebay. Now everyone is charging $21.00 or more on ebay just for 60 minutes. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Steve

    As of 11/9, the promo code still works. So if you can get your hands on a 60-minute card for cheap, that’s all you need to work about. That card should *really* be worth 180 minutes and 90 days. So even if you had to pay $20 for the card, that’s basically 3 months of cell service for $20. Not bad.

  • beth

    when i type a code in and hit the buy airtime button, on the next screen where it shows i purchased the 60 min card, should it show my extra 60 mins then? i dont want to go farther and buy if the code i’m trying to use is not valid, i have other codes i’m trying from other sites… pls help, i need this by 7am tomorrow.

  • Excellent! I used the code on two of our Tracfones with a 90 minute card we purchased from Walmart. Next time we just might try the phone/card deal if we can find it. 150 minutes for $25 is not too bad.

  • CJ

    What happens if I buy a phone and entered the code 52658( which is for double mins for life) at the time of purchase? With this phone already comes the byu one 60 min card, get one free. Now when I go to activate the 60 min card, can I then use the code that you suggested also 51283? Does that make sense? Would you suggest I enter this code at the time of purchase(52658)?

  • Judy Herrick

    GOOD UNTIL 01/18/08 AND 01/21/08. WHAT HELP IS THAT?

  • Steve

    Do people still use AOL or something? Why would you post a customer service question to somebody’s personal blog? So strange…

  • the bubble in your gum

    well i just want free minutes i heard you could do survays and get free minutes for doing it but i ve every were for them and cant find them and i gotthe moto c139 and it small perfect nice looking and portable in all ways but iits so small i might lose it .

  • Steve

    Just an update. I just used code 53784 AGAIN to transform a 60-minute card into 120 minutes! However, when I first tried to enter that code, told me that the code was expired. I tried a different code and got the same message. Then I tried to first code AGAIN and it accepted it! Boom!


    tracfone is the only sensible way to go………….
    and thats the truth……silly,if not outright stupid
    if you go any other way………………


    tracfone does not live up to it’s promo codes…..they
    advertise it, and when you try to use it,they tell you it’s
    expired….they need to update thier website with exp.dates
    on their offers,so as not to false advertise….and fool us….
    i personally dont like being fooled or lied to.

  • Tee

    I bought the double minutes card. I use my tracfone a lot. I buy the 200 min. card and it gives me 400 min. I am delighted with this little phone and bought 2 more for family members so I could keep in touch with them. It is the best way to go.

  • Steve

    Tee, I agree. I’ve been using Tracfone for about 3 years now and I still don’t want to give up my Nokia 1100. I estimate that having a cell phone has cost me about $150 a year. I think that’s pretty freakin’ good considering some people pay that per month.

  • Jan

    I’m with ya Steve. Thanks for your updates. What did these people (the ones with the cell phones growing frm their ears) do before cell phones?

  • Damian

    Buy the Double Minutes card when you first buy the phone and then get the 450 minute card off the website…that gets you 900 minutes for $80…

  • db2b2

    Don’t buy the double minute card……buy the new phone that already is a double minute phone….they’re cheaper than the double minute pin….

  • jennifer

    Hi, I am new to Tracfones but am looking for something inexpensive to give my son for Xmas. And considering how little I use my own phone, I may end up switching to one for me as well.

    The deal on the c139 is no longer available, but from what I can tell, it seems the point is to get a phone what has a minutes card included as part of the deal. Am I correct? Based on what they are offering now, they seem to have cards included with only 2 of the phones under $30.

    If I opt for a phone with lifetime double minutes that doesn’t have a card with it, I still have to order the card with the phone, right? But will supposedly get double minutes for the duration of using a Tracfone.

    I may wait a couple of weeks and see if their offers change at all for Xmas. Thanks for any input, this is all new to me but looks very promising!

  • Linda

    I just purchased the tracfone with double minutes for my dad. It was only $19.99 + 4.95 for S/H and what he got was a new flip phone, charger and 20 minutes to start off with. Still looking for more minutes to add later but at least i think I got a good deal

  • Jae

    I love tracfone…double minutes…forever…how blissful =)

  • For anyone finding this site from Google (it was the top search on cheap tracfone minutes), the promo codes change a lot and the phones that were good last year are no longer available., Walmart and Target all have the phones at pretty much the same price. So are the aircards. To find the best promotional code, go to and search on tracfone. Alternatively, go to the Prepaid Cellular section of and there are a ton of experienced tracfoners that can help. It really is an awesome plan!

  • JBlvr10

    My friend is getting me a Tracfone 4 Xmas. I am confused on the cost of minutes. I have heard they are expensive but cheap too. How many minutes can I get 4 about $20?

  • jennie

    I have tracfone and i got the double mins for life card .now my phone went bad and they sent me a new phone guess what they wont give me my double mins card. so now i am done with tracfone.

  • deb

    Jennie, call customer service. If Tracfone replaced your defective phone, then everything should transfer
    over. I just did this with my son’s phone recently and because his phone broke, they gave him the same
    model (refurbished) and they transferred over his unused time, double minutes plan and phone number. It
    may take a while, but hopefully, you will get someone who knows what they are doing and can speak
    English clearly.

  • Marilyn

    I bought airtime at a family dollar store, where I bought my cell phone – usually I purchase the 200 minutes with my double minute phone. However, as the cashier was holding the different minute cards,without giving them to me to look at, and I opted to go for the next one up, so I wouldn’t have to purchase airtime for awhile…and unfortunately what I purchased was a double minute contract that would add double minutes everytime. Unfortunately, my phone was already doubled minutes. So I literally got screwed. I couldn’t return it, once I entered the pin in my phone…and on top of that I still had to go back and purchase more minutes, because it didn’t add any minutes, just the double minute contract. I called tracphone telling them that should be not only doubling my minutes because I had a double minute phone, but they should be doubling them again, everytime, since I purchased the double minutes again. They didn’t agree. To get me off the phone they did add a one time doublel minutes to my already double minute phone, but they won’t keep doing it. So be aware of the Cashier who will not give you the cards to look at, to be sure what you are buying. My next thing is to write to Family Dollar and complain to them.

  • hag buster

    Oh shut up you old hag you should have watched what you were buying …. ffs old people to bad I will never come to this site again to see a reply… deez nuts

  • The tracfone offers are out of date. Do you have any offers that are current & continue tell January, 2010?

  • look guys, my phone rocks and got great deals for cheap. i really don’t know what you guys are talking about.guys,i got a phone that came 300 min. for 30.00 at walmart!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!(p.s.,maybe you guys didn’t even look hard enough or something)

  • adam

    I paid $199 for 1500 minutes and 1 year service from tracfone website (web special)… I got 3000 minutes because my phone has double minutes. Thats just less than 7 cents per minute….more than twice as good as any other deal or promo I’ve found. I also keep my calls short!

  • jc

    i hate tracphones they suck so much if i ever got one id check into a mental instutute

  • liljohn

    i agree with barry this offer has expired any other ways that are more recent?

  • joel

    its not that bad if u get the promo to double your min its fine u retards

  • Karen

    I stumbled upon TracFone on my last visit to Family Dollar. Was such a good deal I couldn’t pass up ($8 for phone, headset, carrier and car charger). So far, it’s been workingout great.

  • Sheila Johnson

    I love my tracfone…we are all-cell at my house but have felt the need for a “home phone,” since we have small children. So I spent forty bucks on a phone and minutes (double minutes) at Wal-Mart. I also got a charger, car charger, and earphones that happen to fit my Verizon Samsung. At any rate, I’ll need to spend twenty bucks every three months (seven bucks a month) to keep this phone active. Already, I lost my personal phone for two days at a store, and presto, there was my backup tracfone. Also the kids know where it is and how to dial in an emergency. I think it is a good deal.

  • Poopy keep the fone too!! Sell it to some crack head for 20$ and do the whole process over again!!!

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