Phone Service Updates – Tracfone and Vonage

Vonage is Awesome

Why didn’t we sign up for Vonage earlier?  Completely hassle free.  Fantastic voice quality.  Half the price of our regular phone service.  Our existing phone number ported over perfectly and within 20 days.  Our old telephone service was cancelled automatically.

Tracfone is Good

Why didn’t we sign up for Tracfone earlier?  We now have two phones with different numbers for half the price of a single phone.  We can now take advantage of all of the other cellular networks for maximum covereage.  Our phones work anywhere.  We don’t pay for months that we don’t use our phones.

Tracfone is only “good” because number porting was hassleriffic.  To complete the porting process and get my phone working 100% I had to call Customer Service 5 times.  The calls were relatively painless, but they shouldn’t have been necessary.

Communication was poor.  A SIM card arrived at my house via UPS completely unannounced.  Upon attempting to set up my VoiceMail for the first time I was asked to provide my temporary password.  No temporary password had been provided.  No mention of a “temporary password” exists on the entire Tracfone website.

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